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“Yoga From the Inside Out” – MAY 5 – 2013

“Yoga From the Inside Out” – MAY 5 – 2013

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“An exploration of the Hips, Pelvis & Lumbar”

with Dr. Dean Smith & Tracy Groshak

May 5/2013



Location: Yoga on 7th (156 East 7th)

Register: contact to reserve your spot!

Yoga has the ability to create bliss or pain in the hips and pelvis.
How can you spot the pitfalls for you and/or your clients and prevent or correct them?

What will you learn?

How to see beneath the skin. Spot common postural faults and correct them.

How knowing the basic anatomy of your pelvis and hips can ignite your yoga practice and give you the confidence to become your own best teacher. Learn how to adjust students in poses. Common muscle imbalances – identify your own and learn to spot them on your students if you teach. Why some poses elude you, and how to unravel them.

A hint: muscle imbalances that keep you weak in some muscles while other muscles overcompensate and stiffen. The risks in common poses, and how you can make them safer for yourself and your students.

Explore and experience some of your favorite and more challenging poses with a focus on optimal functioning of the hips and pelvic region.

What is it?

a 3 hour intimate hands on workshop with instructional and practical components.

**This is for keen students and  teachers..


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