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Vijnana Yoga House :: Vancouver :: 2019 :: Progressive’s, 2 Day Intensive & Power – Flow – Peace

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  Vijnana Yoga House was founded to allow everyBODY to experience a deep, safe & comprehensive practice of yoga, whole body integration & wellness. Our wish is that students and teachers will develop and share their real experiences and knowledge for the wellbeing of others….


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Vijnana = Internal Knowledge Vijnana = internal knowledgeThe human body is a complex and delicate instrument. It takes careful awareness and attention to make it resonate with true strength and balance. Tracy combines the dynamic fluidity of ashtanga, the precise alignment of iyengar and the…

7 Essential Principles

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7 essential principles to a practice Relaxing the Body: Wherever there is gripping or tension-relax. Quieting the Mind: We position ourselves on the mat, distancing ourselves from our responsibility to react to worldly affairs. Intent: The heart embraces the practice with all its might, directing…

Why Do Yoga?

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It’s one of the most highly intelligent forms of physical exercise that not only brings deep understanding and awareness to the physical self/body but also brings clarity to the mind giving you a greater sense of peace. With daily practice, one will experience greater strength…