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Rooted In Vijnana :: May 23rd & 24th, 2015

Tracy Groshak :: Rooted in Vijnana

Rooted In Vijnana :: May 23rd & 24th, 2015

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Rooted in Vijnana:
2015 Gathering
Registration Now Open!

We invite you to come practice, share and celebrate with the Vijnana Yoga Community of Canada at the 3rd Annual Vijnana Gathering May 23 & 24 in Vancouver.The Gathering is an opportunity to share in the teachings of Vijnana yoga. As a group, we will begin each day in silence, with the guided (non-instructional) Tensegrity Repair Series, followed by Sitting and Pranayama. This will be followed by asana sessions with both longtime and recently certified Vijnana teachers.This year, we have asked the teachers to consider the principle of “Rooting” in their teaching.

The gathering is a volunteer event, which allows us to offer a full weekend, including vegetarian meals, and to further support and strengthen our Vijnana Yoga community, at the reasonable cost of $175 or $150 when you register before April 15th.

You will find registration information and further details below.
We hope to see you there.
With love, on behalf of Trudy, Shannon and Chris


We will not be providing individual schedules at the Gathering, therefore, please

>>>>>>>>>> print out the pdf version here and record your choice of classes <<<<<<<<<<<

or …

>>>>>>>>>> Complete the online registration form here <<<<<<<<<<<

Send in your payment via e-transfer or cheque as indicated on the registration form.
We hope to accommodate everyone’s preferences for class and will contact you if we are unable to do so.



Sat. May 23th & Sun. May 24th

8:00 Led Tensegrity
8:45 Sitting & Pranayama
10:30 Asana
12:30 Vegetarian Lunch provided
1:00 Philosophers’ Cafe (Saturday)
2:00 Asana
4:15 Yoga of Sound (Saturday)
Closing (Sunday)

Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral
154 10 Ave E, Vancouver
On 10th Ave. 1 block West of Main St.

Market Place
Sharon Abbondanza will be organizing a Marketplace again this year.
If you have Vijnana related products that you would like to sell, please.
Contact Sharon for more info.


Please contact Shannon if you have any questions about the Gathering.

Class Descriptions


Guided Tensegrity:
In this non-instructional session Gioia Irwin will lead the Tensegrity Repair series, a sequence of movements designed to break down adhesions, rehydrate, tone, strengthen and bring more flexibility and function to the energy network of the body’s connective tissue system. For those unfamiliar with the series, experienced practitioners will be identified in advance so that you can follow along.
(Sat. & Sun)

Sitting & Pranayama:
Tracy Groshak (Saturday)
Elizabeth Burr (Sunday)

Saturday Morning Asana

Simple Backbends:

Lidija Martinović Rekert & Charlotte Van Bassen
Orienting and rooting are the first things an infant does after birth. As adults we can lose a sense of our relationship to Gravity. This class will include an exploration of embodied anatomy and it’s relationship to the principle of rooting. This will then be applied to asana and movement in simple backbends.

Intermediate Hand Balances:
Elizabeth Peckham
You are invited to come practice the hand balances with the qualities of tapas (discipline of our energy) and saucha (clarity of body, mind and heart). The principle of rooting and ‘leaning’ into the areas of support for the hand balances will be explored. The intention is to observe the attitudes of the mind and body in the hand balances, to learn to release into a more fluid state and to balance with our energy in the poses.
Saturday Lunch


Yoga Philosophy Cafe

Maureen Witney and Trudy Austin
A moderated discussion of yogic philosophy. This session will occur during the Saturday lunch hour. Please collect your lunch and meet in the designated room.

Saturday Afternoon

Alix Rodrigues

A Journey into the Heart of Things. Find your Tensegrity Body with an exploration of the arm and leg lines into the nests of the groins and shoulders. We will explore the holding in areas of the body where the layers do not slide, and find ways to relax and bring ease and quiet from the peripheral body right into the centre. We will then practice and play in this relaxing field of ease as we flow through a shortened version of the Tensegrity Series. For anyone who has an interest, whether a beginner practitioner or a teacher of the Tensegrity Repair Series.


A Glimpse into Vijnana Teacher Training: Intermediate Advanced Backbends
Cathy Valentine & Chris Clancy

Intermediate Backbend Practice with some of the participants and teachers of the current Vijnana Training. This session will provide an opportunity to those students thinking of entering a teacher training to practice with some of our Mentors and current Teacher Trainees. Everyone is welcome to attend this session and to practice along side some of our next generation of teachers.

Late Saturday Afternoon

The Yoga of Sound

Elizabeth Burr
The practice of chanting mantra and the deep silence that follows brings us into direct alignment with our authentic hearts and the Truth of our being.

Sunday Morning
Standing Poses and Backbends:

Gioia Irwin
To understand the principle of rooting in the standing poses can help us to have a clearer understanding of rooting in our backbends.

Sunday Afternoon
Forward Bends & Twists:

Lyndsay Savage
Following the Vijnana practice manual for forward bends and twists. Rooting to rebound the force into forward bends… Rooting to rebound into twists…


Afternoon Practice:

Andrew Clements
Come explore the afternoon inversion practice by rooting through the “pyramid of support.” Three’s are key, as we discuss and dissect headstand and shoulderstand through sacred geometry and tensegrity.

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