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One of the great Sufi Masters, Junnaid, was asked when he was dying… his chief disciple came close to him and asked, “Master, you are leaving us. One question has always been in our minds but we could never gather courage enough to ask you….

Simple alignment Q’s

Posted by admin in Bio-Mechanics, Insights, News Now that i got your attention, please read below for some great general alignment Q’s to use all the time, on or off the mat. (To be honest couldn’t find the right photo for this article, so this one will have to do for…

Reality is Subtle

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So often I have students approach me with comments like; “do you think my yoga practice is improving” or “I have been at this for months now and I am not seeing any changes” or “how long do you think its going to take me…

The nature of insights

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Insights are Divine messages sent by the Gods. They are meant to guide us on wherever we have to go and whatever is to be done. They are deep perceptions that do not pass through the biased mind, so the ego cannot touch them. Insights…

A Little Knee Knowledge Goes A Long Way!

Posted by admin in Bio-Mechanics, Insights, News Everyone can have freedom from pain and limitation simply by understanding how the knee joint works and training the body to honor its design. The knee is a hinge joint. It is meant to move the lower leg forward and back. Lift one foot…

Relieving Neck and Shoulder Tension

Posted by admin in Bio-Mechanics, Insights, News The best solutions come from looking clearly at the underlying cause of the problem.  Vijnana Yoga looks at the tendencies that pull our bodies out of alignment and develops intelligent accessible solutions from there.  In this article I share with you a wonderful isometric…

Why Do Yoga?

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It’s one of the most highly intelligent forms of physical exercise that not only brings deep understanding and awareness to the physical self/body but also brings clarity to the mind giving you a greater sense of peace. With daily practice, one will experience greater strength…