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Tracy is a Health and Wellness Coach in Vancouver, BC

Following the principles and disciplines of

• Vijnana Yoga
• Science of Structural Integration for re-aligning your body
• Fresh Food lifestyle for amazing health benefits

Tracy Groshak  RT, ERYT, MBF, Pilates

Tracy has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and her intense dedication has taken her around the world to study with many of the top teachers in several different styles, traditions and practices. She began in 1995 studying traditional hatha yoga with Ifat Eraz (Shakti) at Prana Yoga in Vancouver. Around the same time she was also exposed to Daine Bruni & Ron Reid of Downward Dog in Toronto.


In 1998 Tracy re-discovered Ashtanga yoga, and for the next seven years she committed to the rigorous demands of advancing through the series. In 2000 she did her first of three teacher trainings with David Swenson, as well as several other teacher trainings in Ashtanga, working with Tim Miller, Nancy Gilgoff, David Williams, Dena Kingsburg and Sri K.Pattabhi Jois at his yoga shala in Mysore, India.


Around 2003 Tracy’s practice began to evolve away from Ashtanga yoga. She found herself increasingly more attracted to Vijnana yoga and its seven vital principles, which she felt offered more subtle substance. Tracy first encountered Vijnana in 2000 when she began studying with Gioia Irwin of Vancouver and Orit Sen Gupta of Israel. After ten years of weekly practices, intensives, workshops and teacher trainings with these two woman, Tracy was certified as a Vijnana yoga teacher in 2010 – one of only twenty-six in North America. Gioia and Orit continue to be her primary teachers to this day.


A key component of Tracy’s evolution has been her commitment to whole living nutrition for the past 15 years. Tracy primarily eats raw vegan food – a diet that demands a lot of dedication and discipline – but one that she feels provides optimal nutrition and best contributes to her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


In addition to her exploration in yoga and nutrition, Tracy has also completed certificates in Pilates & MBF. MBF is a system based on fundamental physics and biomechanics that focus on postural realignment through specific individualized rehabilitation exercises. She’s also done extensive studies in mediation, pranayama, anatomy and several therapeutic approaches over the past 20 years


Tracy continues to investigate the mind – body – spirit – miracle of life!
Tracy draws upon her extensive and varied knowledge of yogic wisdom to empower students by providing them with a holistic set of tools that allows them to advance in their practice and achieve their goals. She uses her broad living experience to evaluate students’ needs, allowing her to meet them wherever they’re at in their practice, and creating programs that are individual, thorough, detailed and naturally progressive. Tracy wants to impart on her students that by working more subtly with inner wisdom, self-discovery, and patience, students can cultivate a practice that is truly transformational, far beyond just the physical.



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