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Vijnana Yoga House, at Tracy Groshak's private studio

Vijnana Yoga House :: Vancouver :: 2019 :: Classes/TT’s/ Workshops

Vijnana Yoga, :: Vancouver, BC :: The Yoga Space

Vijnana Yoga House :: Vancouver :: 2019 :: Classes/TT’s/ Workshops

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Vijnana Yoga House was founded to allow everyBODY to experience a deep, safe & comprehensive practice of yoga, whole body integration & wellness. Our wish is that students and teachers will develop and share their real experiences and knowledge for the wellbeing of others.
The Vijnana Yoga House is a private tranquil studio & garden located in Kits Point. Centrally located yet surrounded by park and ocean. It is a soothing contemplative space for the yoga practitioner to focus on their personal growth & transformation.


** 5 – Week Yoga Progressives :: Starting March 12 & 14 :: 2019



Mar 12, 19, 26, Apr 16, 23 (NO classes Apr 2 & 9)

6:00pm – 8:00pm

$175.00 (incl tax) for 5 classes



Mar 14, 21, 28, 18, 25 (NO classes Apr 4 & 11)

6:00pm – 8:00pm

$175.00 (incl tax) for 5 classes


NOTE: There will be one last series starting June 4 & 6

In these classes, we will follow the guidance of the Vijnana Yoga 4 pillars and underpinnings of the 7 vital principles.
Meditation,Pranayama,Asana &Philosophy.

We will also be exploring and learning how pilates, functional movement, active rehab will bring you into deeper balance & strength, in addition, healing injuries.
Each week we will learn and refine the foundational poses, exploring many intermediate & some advanced asanas from the extensive Vijnana Practice Manual.
These include:
Standing poses, Arm balances, Backbends, Forward-bends, Side-bends, Twists, Head-stands & Shoulder-stands.

Students can expect to learn proper yoga alignment, anatomy, fascial releasing techniques, the fundamentals of pilates, physiotherapy & functional movement, laban & brain-Body repatterning.

Along with tips on how to elevate your practice no matter what level you are at.

Continue to learn how to bring your physical structure into balance, create a strong centre and necessary connections to a light graceful practice.

This is where your body intelligence truly starts to transform & you become your own best teacher.

These sessions are recommended for all keen students & teachers


** 4 – Week “Brain/Body Repatterining” Progressives :: Starting March 9 & 13 :: 2019



9:45am – 11:00am

March 9 – March 30

$140.00 (incl tax) for 4 classes



6:00pm – 7:15pm

March 13 – April 3

$140.00 (incl tax) for 4 classes

NOTE: There will be one last series starting June 1
This is whole body programs that tap into the intelligence of the brain to switch it on and grow new neurological pathways to freedom!!
This work is subtle but incredibly powerful in changing old habits, chronic use of muscles & overcoming aches and pains. You will gain more flexibility without stretching, become stronger and enhance your mental clarity. This will absolutely change any of your movement/exercise practices!
** “Mini” Inner City Treat to Yourself :: TBA :: 2019


8:30am – 2ish pm
*For more details & to register, please contact

Location: kits point

$135.00 (incl tax) per “Mini” Treat

Get a wee taster of a retreat, right here in the city.
Spend 1 day immersing yourself.
“From the subtle practices of relaxing the body and quieting the mind, to unwind.
(Meditation, mindfulness practices, with high vibration crystal bowls)
Feel the support of Mother Earth through detangling the myofascial matrix and roll along.
(Repair & repatterning work)
Into widening the eyes through the back of your bodies to expanding fullness.
(Breathing, pranayamas)
And onto strong, yet intelligently manoeuvred parts of mind-body exploration.
(Vijnana Yoga, structural integration, pilates, functional movement & more..)
Many fabrics deeply studied, woven together create the flow of the days we will share together.”
** POWER-FLOW-PEACE :: TBA  :: 2019
Come join Sari (personal trainer to the Stars) & Tracy (with a dog named Star) :)
for a unique 3 day challenge!
The first hour is all about “Powering” up, challenging your whole body w Sari’s unique approach to personal training & whole body fitness.
The second hour is time for you to experience an intelligently curated practice that will “lengthen & lift” your body and spirit!
Winding down w breathe work and a short meditation. Ahhh so peaceful!
Note: bring your runners, water bottle, wear workout gear and plan to have an extra t-shirt for the second half.

TIME: 9am – 11:30am

COST: $180.00

Limited to 6 students


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