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The nature of insights

The nature of insights

Posted by admin in Insights, News 19 Jan 2010

Insights are Divine messages sent by the Gods. They are meant to guide us on wherever we have to go and whatever is to be done. They are deep perceptions that do not pass through the biased mind, so the ego cannot touch them. Insights are those spontaneous understandings and comprehensions that lead to the next step that needs to be taken.

Insights come to our Internal Consciousness from the Eternal Consciousness. They arrive in the physical body through the crown, pass by the third eye and get delivered as a message in the heart. This is why insights do not need thought processes to make sense. They come decoded in a way that you get what you have to get and there is no need of thinking about it. They give us the opportunity to “listen to our heart instead of our mind”.

The issue is that many of us choose not to trust insights; instead, we turn the ego-istic mental schemas on to fall into the mind’s traps. Overtime the connection between the Eternal Consciousness and Internal Consciousness seems to fade away and become very weak.

The practice of Hatha Yoga (asanas and pranayama) helps us to shut our mind up and assists us with the reconnection with our Internal Consciousness. The discipline of Bhakti Yoga (devotional practice) will reconnect the Internal Consciousness with the Eternal Consciousness.

In reality, no reconnection is done since the original connection has always been there. What the constant practice of Yoga does is to clean the channels, so the connection can be perceived, and through its discipline and determination not let the link to be lost, so messages can be clearly delivered.

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