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Intentions as a natural unfoldment

Intentions as a natural unfoldment

Posted by admin in Insights, News 01 Jan 2010

Happy new years to all.

This is the time of year, in particular where we start to think of our intentions for the new year and  what we would like to manifest. I too have been mulling about this word and what it means and how i think i would like to see things unfold. Don’t we all.

But lets be honest, if all we are doing is setting up the supposed right mind set, focusing on the right intentions in the right way at the right time with the right ritual, then all we are doing is setting up the ego to get what is wants all the time.. So wouldn’t you say that this is a bit unbalanced, more like “magical thinking.”

Perhaps we could set the notion of intentions as a part of a natural unfoldment process instead. Whether it be at the beginning of your practice or at the beginning of the new year, whatever it is,  set it as an entry point. So that over time, through our experiences in the process, our intentions transform, almost get re-adjusted. The more we tap into our body wisdom, work with our heart intelligence, tap into our deeper layers of the heart/mind intuition, often we are surprised of what the ego doesn’t know about ourselves and our process.

This is what is truly at the heart of a contemporary  natural maturing spiritual practice. If we allow there to be a dance between our intentions and the process, something new will be revealed. Enjoy the process!

Much peace always,

t xo

  • Jen F. January 1, 2010 at 3:15 pm / Reply

    Namaste T, and Happy New Year to you. Thanks for an insightful read, I look forward to continuing my spiritual cultivation with you. I am very grateful for all the wisdom you have imparted to me and so many others thus far, you are truly one of a kind! See you soon…

  • robbie January 4, 2010 at 10:20 am / Reply

    Fantastic point about intention and ego, Trace….

    the subject of intention has dropped itself in my mental lap, as well. I was reading a large scale scientific study on meditation , and its impact on the practitioner. The researchers concluded that all participants who engaged in meditation practice got ‘positive results’. The distinguishing factor between the types of results was directly connected to their intention. They found three general intentions for practitioners: Emotional regulation, self-exploration, and Self liberation. The results reaped were the results intended:i.e., if you sit in order to manage your moods, that’s what you’ll get, etc.

    blessings, Robbie

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