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Progressives 2018

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Yoga – Meditation – Pranayama – Pilates – Functional Excersises & More!!     TUESDAYS – 5 week series “NEW Winter Dates” January16 – February 15 6pm – 8pm $150.00 (incl tax) for 5 classes *To reserve your spot please contact:     THURSDAYS…

Bio Mechanics of the Human Body

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The human body responds, develops, and is maintained according to basic biomechanical principles. However, due to the lack of purposeful physical activity, today’s lifestyles promote postural weaknesses that can cause the premature breakdown of our musculoskeletal systems, making them susceptible to injury, reducing performance and prolonging recovery. The MBF® System is a unique method of restoring function to the human body. It is a principle based system that is grounded in the fundamentals of physics and biomechanics.